Tickets, payments and reservations

Is it necessary to purchase tickets in advance?

It is not necessary. However, it is advisable to buy tickets in advance to pay a cheaper price and ensure a seat on the bus.

On-line tickets should be purchased up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Is it possible to change or return the purchased ticket?

Depending on the selected package.

The white package DOES NOT GIVE the possibility of making changes on the ticket. The silver package provides one change on the ticket. The gold package gives you unlimited number of changes.

Can I recieve a VAT invoice?

According to current regulations, when the route exceeds 50 kilometres, the ticket is also a VAT invoice.

If passengers would like to receive a VAT invoice issued to a company, they should report it to the office.

Do I need to carry a printed ticket?

No, there is no obligation to carry a printed ticket with you. Our drivers confirm the validity of tickets based on electronic lists.

I have purchased an on-line ticket, but haven't recieved any confirmation. Is my reservation valid?

In the absence of a message confirming the reservation, check the SPAM catalogue or contact our office to confirm the correctness of the purchase of the ticket.

What is the card security code CVV2?

This is a 3-digit code on the back of the payment card.

What currency can I use to pay for a ticket?

PWe accept payments only in Polish zloty.

Can I pay for a ticket with a card issued by a foreign bank?

Yes, the cost of such transactions is calculated in accordance with applicable bank fees.

Is it possible to buy a ticket directly from the driver and pay by card?

Yes, you can buy tickets from the driver and pay by card.

Can I book a ticket by phone?

Yes. However, you cannot take advantage of special offers available when buying tickets online.

Travel Arrangements

Is it possible to have a stopover after the journey?

The only stops are those scheduled in the timetable.

My flight was delayed and I missed the bus. Will the bus wait for me?

No, the bus leaves as planned. In the event of a flight delay, the ticket is valid for the next journey closest in time.

In what cases can the driver refuse the carriage?

Anyone who violates the terms and conditions, e.g. people who are intoxicated, offensive or cause a nuisance.

Can I get off at a place other than designated stop, e.g. by the road?

No. You can get on and off only at the designated stops subject to permissions from the Marshal's Office, which are marked in the timetable.

Does air-transfer.pl offer a lost-and-found service?

If you leave any items on the bus, please contact us by e-mail at: biuro@air-transfer.pl or in person, at the office of air-transfer sp. z o. o., which is located at: ul. Zwycięstwa 87, 75-005 Koszalin.

Travelling with children

Does the company provide safety seats for children?

We provide child seats, booster cushions or cradles. To order them, you must notify the office in advance or write it in to the order form. This option requires an additional payment.

I am pregnant. Do I need to use seat belts?

According to the Road Traffic Law, the obligation to use seat belts does not apply to women who are noticeably pregnancy.

Can children under 15 years of age travel without a guardian?

No, minors under 15 years of age must travel with a guardian or carry a written consent. The consent must contain information about the person picking the child up at the destination stop (name, surname, phone number).